Do you use rental tools in your business?

If so, we can offer you a wide range of tool-rental insurance. And, if you use rental insurance provided by the company providing the tools you rent, we almost certainly can save you money as well.

Tool rentals can be a significant expense. Many contractors, for example, spend thousands of dollars a month on tool rentals. And an uninsured loss can be expensive.

Contractors aren’t the only ones who can benefit from tool-rental insurance. Just one example: Event companies often rent tents, chairs and audio-visual equipment.

Tool-rental insurance covers a wide range of risks, including some you may not have thought about. Damage during transport to and from your job site. Theft or vandalism. Damage while the tools you’ve rented are being used, including damage caused by an employee not familiar with how to use a particular piece of equipment — and much more.

If you use rental tools in your business, give me a call and let’s talk about the coverages we can provide and explore whether we can save you money. My guess is that we can.

You can reach me at 303.922.1002.