Water damage can be a costly home insurance claim.  When it comes to water damage, coverage can get tricky.  The water damage has to come from a covered event (peril). Even if a water claim is covered,many companies exclude coverage for mold or greatly limit the amount of coverage.  If the water damage causes mold, you might have additional out of pocket expenses.  Here are some surprising facts about water damage:

    • Water damage is the second-most frequently filed homeowners claim.
    • One in 50 insured homes file a water damage or freezing claim each year.
    • The average cost of a claim due to water damage or freezing is $9,633.
    • 250 gallons of water per day can leak from a 1/8-inch pipe crack.

Homeowners can help prevent water losses by installing a StreamLabs Water Monitor and Leak Detection System.  This device easily attaches to your main water line, without requiring a plumber or any tools. The StreamLab Monitor provides:

  • Real-Time Insights to water usage as well as comparative and historical water usage.
  • Enhanced leak detection.  Alerts you (through your smartphone) to unusual water usage patterns.
  • Customized alerts, with ‘home’ or ‘away’ modes.
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