Mike: My neighbor recently had to replace his sewer line running underground from his house to the street.  Does insurance cover this ? -Bill

Bill: Up until this year, I wasn’t aware of a single insurance company that offered coverage for your sewer line.  Damage to a sewer line was almost never covered because the damage occurred from wear and tear, not suddenly.  Wear and tear is a common exclusion on home policies.  Otherwise, you could file a claim when it’s time to paint your house or replace your flooring. In 2019 this all changed when a number of insurance companies started offering ‘service line’ coverage as on endorsement to your home insurance. This coverage is unique, in that it covers wear and tear as well as rust, tree roots and many other things. If you’ve ever had to replace your sewer line, you know the cost to excavate your lawn, repair the drain and put your lawn back together can easily exceed $10,000. Now, with an optional endorsement, adding about $100 a year to your home policy, you can protect yourself from this unexpected expense. Most companies that offer the coverage have a flat $500 deductible, regardless of your home insurance deductible. I’ve seen coverage limits between $10,000 and $20,000, depending on the company you choose.  Our office works with three home insurance companies who offer service line coverage.