About Mike Schmisek

Mike Schmisek is the principal agent and founder of Premier Mountain Insurance. Mike decided to start Premier Mountain Insurance after 11 years running one of the most successful Farmers Insurance Agencies in Colorado. Before getting into insurance, Mike had a career in business management and leadership. He was drawn to the insurance industry because of deep relationships that are built with long term clients and his ability to make a difference in the lives of his policy holders. In 2008, Mike saw his dream come true when he started the Mike Schmisek Insurance Agency. Mike’s dream of an insurance agency dedicated to the client proved to be a winning idea. His agency earned many awards and distinctions for the quality of business as well as the rapid growth of the agency. Mike’s success in the insurance industry created so many requests for training and speaking that he helped form a company, the Social Heroes, who train insurance agents on growing their businesses online. In October 2019, Mike started an independent insurance agency, Premier Mountain Insurance. As an independent agent, Mike can work with a number of insurance companies to find his clients the right coverage at a fair price. Mike was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota . After a brief stint in Woodbury, Minnesota , Mike moved to Highlands Ranch, Colorado with his parents as a high school student. Mike graduated with honors from Highlands Ranch High School in 1997. Mike went on to Colorado State University , in Fort Collins, Colorado . In 2001, Mike graduated from CSU with a degree in Political Science and a minor in History. Mike resides in foothills of south Jefferson County with his wife, three daughters and dog. Mike enjoys camping, hiking, golf and fly fishing during the summer months and racquetball and swimming during the winter months.

$30 Discount on StreamLabs Water Monitoring and Leak Detection System

Water damage can be a costly home insurance claim.  When it comes to water damage, coverage can get tricky.  The water damage has to come from a covered event (peril). Even if a water claim is covered,many companies exclude coverage for mold or greatly limit the amount of coverage.  If the water damage causes mold, [...]

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Parking Lot Car Accidents – What You Need to Know

In my 10+ years in the insurance industry, I rarely see parking lot car accidents end well. Since most parking lots are privately owned, police generally won't respond to a minor car accident in a parking lot.  Without a police report, it's difficult for an insurance company to assign fault.  It normally is a matter [...]

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Glass Coverage

If you live, work and drive along the Colorado Front Range, you're probably used to chipped and cracked windshields.  Many insurance companies offer different types of glass coverage.  It's important to know what type of glass coverage (if any) applies to your auto insurance.  Glass coverage isn't automatically part of an auto insurance policy, you [...]

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Colorado Roofing Claims – Hail or Wear and Tear?

Colorado Roof with Wear and Tear damage If you own a home along the Colorado front range, chances are, you will experience a hail claim at some point in the next 10 years. Colorado is the hail capital of the US! It is the most costly & common weather related claim in Colorado, [...]

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Shop Local

A lot of people, myself included, like to shop locally. Supporting local businesses not only feels good, it also helps our local economy. A reminder, if you feel the same way: Premier Mountain Insurance is a local company. I’ve lived in Colorado my entire adult life.  Kimberly and Desiree were both born and raised in [...]

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AAA Membership gives you a discount with Safeco in Colorado!

Many people are surprised to realize that your AAA membership earns you a discount with Safeco Auto Insurance! Although AAA offers auto insurance, if you're a AAA towing and roadside assistance member, you can get a discount with Safeco.  If you're already a Safeco insured, let us know your AAA membership number and we can [...]

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Top Ten Colorado Summer Destinations

If you're looking for a Summer trip that you won't forget, look no further than our beautiful state!  Whether you want to: relax in a hot springs, hike the Rockies, go white water rafting, zip-lining, ride a hot air balloon, etc., Colorado has it all! Here is our Top 10 Colorado Summer Destinations! 😎 Let [...]

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Top Colorado Boating Lakes

It's not easy to pick the top Colorado boating lakes, especially when Colorado is surprisingly home to over 4,000 bodies of water! Here is our attempt to make a list of: The Top 10 Lakes for Boating in Colorado! Let us know if we missed any, or which is your favorite in the comments!  P.S... [...]

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More Options to Serve You!

Premier Mountain Insurance is always on the lookout for great insurance companies to add to our product offerings. Over the past couple of months, we’ve added a number of carriers that will be great addition to our product lineup. Here are a few: State Auto State Auto is a mutual insurance company based in Columbus, [...]

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Coronavirus and the Insurance Industry

There's no denying, the coronavirus has changed the way businesses operate. Even with the movement toward re-opening the economy and returning to “normal,” many of those changes are likely to be with us for a while – perhaps permanently. Fortunately, our office has been equipped for many years to transact business face-to-face or virtually. Although [...]

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