About Mike Schmisek

Mike Schmisek is the principal agent and founder of Premier Mountain Insurance. Mike decided to start Premier Mountain Insurance after 11 years running one of the most successful Farmers Insurance Agencies in Colorado. Before getting into insurance, Mike had a career in business management and leadership. He was drawn to the insurance industry because of deep relationships that are built with long term clients and his ability to make a difference in the lives of his policy holders. In 2008, Mike saw his dream come true when he started the Mike Schmisek Insurance Agency. Mike’s dream of an insurance agency dedicated to the client proved to be a winning idea. His agency earned many awards and distinctions for the quality of business as well as the rapid growth of the agency. Mike’s success in the insurance industry created so many requests for training and speaking that he helped form a company, the Social Heroes, who train insurance agents on growing their businesses online. In October 2019, Mike started an independent insurance agency, Premier Mountain Insurance. As an independent agent, Mike can work with a number of insurance companies to find his clients the right coverage at a fair price. Mike was born and raised in Fargo, North Dakota . After a brief stint in Woodbury, Minnesota , Mike moved to Highlands Ranch, Colorado with his parents as a high school student. Mike graduated with honors from Highlands Ranch High School in 1997. Mike went on to Colorado State University , in Fort Collins, Colorado . In 2001, Mike graduated from CSU with a degree in Political Science and a minor in History. Mike resides in foothills of south Jefferson County with his wife, three daughters and dog. Mike enjoys camping, hiking, golf and fly fishing during the summer months and racquetball and swimming during the winter months.

Colorado’s Most Scenic Motorcycle Rides

Colorado is home to some of the most BEAUTIFUL scenic drives, including the highest paved road in North America! Here is our list of 10 of Colorado's Most Scenic Motorcycle Rides! Looking to get motorcycle insurance? We can get you great coverage before your ride!  Chat, text or call today, 303-452-6662   Mt. Evans Scenic [...]

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Safeco Insurance is one of the many personal lines insurance carriers that we're proud to represent.  Safeco was acquired by Liberty Mutual Insurance in 2008, making the Liberty Mutual/Safeco partnership the 5th largest personal lines insurer in the U.S. in 2018.  Safeco has a number of great coverage options that Premier Mountain Insurance customers find [...]

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Real Life Umbrella Claims

Personal umbrella policies are an inexpensive way to protect your personal assets and future earnings from a freak accident.  Accidents happen.  The injured party deserves to be made whole.  Who should pay to make an injured person whole, after you or a family member cause injury or property damage? Luckily we have insurance to protect [...]

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State Auto

In May, 2020, Premier Mountain Insurance became appointed with State Auto Insurance.  This allows us to offer auto, home, renters, umbrella and commercial products through State Auto to our clients.  State Auto is an amazing company, with an even more amazing product offering! State Auto formed in 1921 and is currently based in Columbus, Ohio.  [...]

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Dairyland Insurance

We're proud to announce one of our most recent agency partners, Dairyland Insurance!  There's a lot to like about Dairyland Insurance.   As you might guess, Dairyland Insurance started in Wisconsin, the land of cheese.  In 1916, The Hardware Dealers Mutual Fire Insurance Company of Wisconsin began writing insurance for it's members.  This company eventually became [...]

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Cyber Liability Insurance is Vital for Every Business

Is your business adequately protected with cyber liability insurance? Business owners often tell me they don’t need cyber liability insurance because they don’t store credit card information. The truth is virtually every business of every size, big or small, faces cyber risks. A recent survey found over half of the businesses in the United States [...]

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Why Work With an Independent Insurance Agent

Why Work With an Independent Insurance Agent Many people have misconceptions of what it means to work with an independent insurance agent.  You may have asked yourself at some point, "why work with an independent insurance agent"?  Surveys show that many people think that when you work with an independent agent, it will cost more.  [...]

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Sewer and Drain Backup

Why do you need sewer and drain backup? Sewer and drain backup is one of the most common home insurance claims we see.  Surprisingly, we often see no coverage for sewer and drain backup on competitor's policies!  Sewer and drain backup coverage is not normally automatically included on a home insurance policy. It is even [...]

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Loss of Income

Many business owners are concerned about the potential losses that could happen to their business, but they don't often think about the resulting loss of income.  A fire, tornado or theft can cause substantial damage, but what about the lost income for the next 6, 12 or 18 months?  This can often dwarf the initial [...]

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Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability. It means you’re on the hook if you hurt someone or damage their property in an accident that’s found to be your fault, in or out of your home. That means you may be responsible for damage to their property, their medical bills in case of bodily injuries, pain and suffering and lost [...]

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