Do you need bicyclist insurance? It’s not as far-fetched as it might seem.  Most people don’t equate owning a bicycle to insurance needs, however bicyclists might need proper insurance even more so than the general population.

If you have car insurance and opted for uninsured motorist bodily injury coverage, your pain and suffering, medical bills and lost wages are likely going to be covered if a vehicle hits you while on your bicycle.  Coverage will either come from the driver who hit you or your uninsured or under insured motorist coverage.  It is always important to follow the rules of the road.  If you are deemed at fault in an accident, there will be no coverage for your pain and suffering and lost wages.

What if you are at fault?  In most cases the damage to your bike  would be covered by your homeowner or renters insurance. However, it probably doesn’t make sense to file that claim, because your home insurance deductible would apply and most deductibles on home insurance in Colorado exceed $1,000.  What about your injuries if you were at fault? Your own injuries would be covered by your health insurance, not through your auto insurance.  There would be no coverage for your pain and suffering and lost wages.

We can provide up to $10 million in uninsured motorist to bicyclists to cover pain and suffering, lost wages and medical bills if you’re injured by an uninsured or under insured driver. We recommend all avid bicyclists in Colorado carry the as much uninsured motorist as you can afford due to the likelihood of getting hit by a car.  We can also cover your bicycle against theft or damage.

Not sure whether you need bicyclist insurance? Give me a call at 303.922.1002. I’ll be happy to answer your questions and help you determine what, if any, additional coverage you need.