If you travel around the Denver area, you’ve probably noticed we’re in a construction boom!  At Premier Mountain Insurance, we help a number of general contractors as well property owners with their builders risk insurance needs.  Whether you’re looking to do a remodel an existing structure or you are planning new construction, you’ll likely want a builders risk policy.  You may even be required by your lender to carry a builders risk policy if you have a loan on the construction. Our agency is able to quickly secure a policy for you as well as provide your lender with the required documentation.  At the we work with both residential and commercial work.  A typical homeowner policy will always exclude new construction and extensive renovations to your house.  If you are going be “popping the top”, moving walls or adding an addition, then you need a Builders Risk Remodel Policy.  If you would like a quote for Builders Risk Insurance, please give us a call at 303.922.1002.