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Defensible Space: Management Zone 1

When preparing your home for wildfire, zone 1 is the area you should start.  Zone 1 extends 15-30 feet from the perimeter of your home, depending on property size.  In Zone 1, you should remove all flammable vegetation, with the possible exception of fire resistant plants.  The greater distance around your home that you follow [...]

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6 Ways to Reduce Your Home Insurance Premium

If you're like most home owners in Colorado, you've seen your rates going up on home insurance.  It doesn't matter which company you're insured with, there's an overall trend in Colorado and across the country.  That trend is that home insurance rates are too low for the market place and rates are on the rise. What's driving increased [...]

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Is a “Percent Deductible” Right For You?

Most people are familiar with insurance deductibles. But there may be a type of deductible you’re not familiar with -- a percent deductible. What is it? And is it right for you? There’s no right or wrong answer when it comes to the question of what kind of deductible is best. The real question is [...]

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Safety Tips: Don’t Let Fire Spoil Your Holiday Season

December means it’s holiday season. Unfortunately, it also means it’s fire season. There are more house fires during the holidays than any time of the year. The main reason: The many lights -- including candles -- that go with the holidays. I hope you have an enjoyable and safe holiday season. With that in mind, [...]

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New Roof Discount Can Mean Big Savings on Your Home Insurance

Good news for Colorado homeowners replacing their roofs: With our new roof discount, you can save big money on your home insurance. And the more impact-resistant your new roof, the bigger the discount. A typical new roof can get you a discount of up to 40 percent. A Class 3 and 4 Impact Resistant Roof [...]

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Personal Liability Insurance

Personal liability. It means you’re on the hook if you hurt someone or damage their property in an accident that’s found to be your fault, in or out of your home. That means you may be responsible for damage to their property, their medical bills in case of bodily injuries, pain and suffering and lost [...]

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Ordinance & Law Coverage

Ordinance & Law coverage was developed to solve a fundamental problem with home insurance.  The purpose of any insurance policy is to put you back into the same financial position you were in before a loss, no better and no worse.  This can be a real problem if your house was build 25, 50 or [...]

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Home Insurance and Hail

Mike: Hail season is here.  What should I be aware of when it comes to my home insurance?  - Chris Chris, hail is the most costly and likely claim a homeowner will experience in Colorado.  There’s a number of things you should be aware of when it comes to hail and your insurance. Most insurance [...]

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Personal Property

What is Personal Property? If you've ever purchased home insurance, renters insurance or even business insurance, you've probably heard the term 'personal property'.  A good way to think about personal property is that it's your 'stuff'.  Personal property consists of your clothes, furniture, electronics, food in your kitchen and fridge, pots, pans, CDs, DVDs, cell [...]

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Mysterious Disappearance Can Mean Loss of Insurance Coverage

Many of us enjoy a good mystery -- unless it involves our insurance. If you lose a valuable piece of property, your insurance reimbursement -- or lack of it -- may depend on whether your policy includes coverage for mysterious disappearance. A Mysterious Disappearance Clause is just what the name says. If your property, renter’s [...]

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