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Mysterious Disappearance Can Mean Loss of Insurance Coverage

Many of us enjoy a good mystery -- unless it involves our insurance. If you lose a valuable piece of property, your insurance reimbursement -- or lack of it -- may depend on whether your policy includes a Mysterious Disappearance Clause. A Mysterious Disappearance Clause is just what the name says. If your property, renter’s [...]

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Flood Insurance: NFIP or Private?

If you’re familiar with the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offered through FEMA, you know how limited it is. And for the past 50 years, it was your only choice. Many people are surprised to learn that a flood is excluded by their standard home insurance coverage.  If you want coverage for a flood, you [...]

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Short Term Rental Insurance (VRBO & Airbnb Insurance)

Vacation Rental by Owner, or VRBO, is currently the fastest growing rental segment in the U.S.  Short Term Rentals came about primarily because of the high cost of owning a second home.  Many second homes are only used 2 – 3 months of the year.  VRBO allows the owner to rent out their property on a [...]

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New For 2019: Sewer Line Insurance For Your Home

A sewer line break on your property can easily cost upwards of $10,000, or even more to repair.  For years this was simply a maintenance issue and insurance companies did not cover this type of wear and tear and maintenance. So, I’m pleased to announce that many of the carriers that we represent just introduced [...]

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