The Loving Gesture of Life Insurance

Many of us associate the month of February as the month of love.  Love for a special someone, perhaps a spouse, or even simply love for your family. In fact, one of us at PMI recently got married, so it will be their first Valentines Day as husband and wife! Here at PMI, we look [...]

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Think You Don’t Need Life Insurance? Think Again.

Think you don’t need life insurance because you’re not married with children? You may want to reconsider. Most of us understand that life insurance makes sense if someone will suffer financially when you die. So, the most obvious example of someone who needs life insurance is the primary earner in a family with children. But [...]

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Term Life Insurance: Protect Your Family If You’re Gone

Would someone important to you struggle financially if you were no longer around to help support them? If you’re married, have children, expect to get married someday, have relatives or friends who are dependent on you, or have a mortgage that couldn’t be paid if you are gone, then you need life insurance. The most [...]

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How to Prepare for your Life Insurance Exam

If you're in the market for a life insurance policy you will likely need to undergo a medical exam, which checks factors like blood pressure, BMI, and hemoglobin levels. Fortunately, food and proper nutrition can help you get the best possible rate, saving you money over time! Here are some practical tips and tricks to [...]

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Insure Your Love: Why Stay-At-Home Parents Need Life Insurance

It’s easy to understand why life insurance for the family’s main wage earner is important., but what about stay-at-home parents who don’t add an income to the family’s resources? Stay-at-home parents contribute greatly to a family, including the family’s financial wellbeing. In fact, some experts say stay-at-home parents perform the duties of “workers” with at [...]

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