There’s no denying, the coronavirus has changed the way businesses operate.

Even with the movement toward re-opening the economy and returning to “normal,” many of those changes are likely to be with us for a while – perhaps permanently.

Fortunately, our office has been equipped for many years to transact business face-to-face or virtually.

Although insurance was deemed essential and we could have continued working from the office, we decided to work remotely beginning in mid-March. With the help of technology, many of our clients were likely unaware we were at home while responding to your email or answering your calls – except for the occasional barking dog.

We’ve been back in the office for a while. But, because of our extensive experience working remotely, we can do business with you whichever way you choose – in person or online.

We do ask that, if you wish to stop in, you call ahead to schedule an appointment.

The repercussions of coronavirus affect us all, including insurance providers.

For example, most commercial insurance policies have an exclusion for viruses. However, we’re beginning to see litigation and legislation in many states around how business insurance policies respond to loss of income from stay-at-home orders.

One impact of stay-at-home orders has been drastic reductions in driving. As a result, most of the insurance carriers have offered some kind of auto insurance rebates in response to the reduced driving activity. If you’re insured by one of the companies that offered a rebate, you’ve likely seen it by now. But if you have questions about this issue and you’re insured by one of the carriers we work with, we can help you check the status of any rebate you may be entitled to.

Questions or concerns about how changes to the insurance industry affect you? Give me a call at 303.922.1002. And, if we occasionally work from home, I hope you won’t be able to tell – unless the dog barks.