You might be asking… ‘What are they talking about?  CrossFit and Homeowners Insurance?’  Well, both Mike and Luke are avid ‘CrossFitters.’ Mike attends CrossFit Ken Caryl, and Lucas goes to Fort Collins CrossFit. For many CrossFitters, August means the CrossFit Games in Madison, Wisconsin, where the best of the best compete for the title ‘The Fittest on Earth.’ 

At Premier Mountain Insurance, we often like to reflect on our lives in relation to our profession as insurance specialists. Today, I had Homeowners insurance on my mind while I watched the CrossFit Games. 

Now, CrossFit and Homeowners insurance may seem like completely unrelated topics, but if we look closely, we can find a few similarities between the two: 

Personal Risk Management: Both CrossFit and Homeowners insurance involve aspects of personal risk management. In CrossFit, participants engage in high-intensity workouts that can carry a risk of injury if not performed correctly. This often requires an athlete to assess their limits and understand their body. Similarly, a homeowner needs to assess their home and lives and understand where risk lies and how to manage it. Homeowners insurance is a form of risk management that protects homeowners from financial losses due to unexpected events, such as property damage, theft, or liability. 

Tailored to You: In CrossFit, workouts can be modified or scaled to suit individual abilities and fitness levels. Similarly, homeowners insurance can be customized to provide coverage specific to a homeowner’s needs, taking into account factors like property value, location, and personal belongings. And just like a coach in CrossFit, we are the coaches for our clients with PMI. 

Unexpected Events: Both CrossFit and Homeowners insurance deal with the unexpected. In CrossFit, participants often face unexpected challenges and must adapt to different exercises and workouts. Homeowners insurance, on the other hand, provides financial protection against unexpected events like natural disasters, accidents, or burglaries. 

Financial Considerations: Both involve financial considerations. CrossFit participants often pay more for memberships and coaching to help protect their health and well-being, while homeowners pay premiums for insurance coverage to protect their financial well-being. In both cases, individuals invest in these services to safeguard their well-being.

Now, we know that while these are some superficial similarities, the two are vastly different in nature, purpose, and the risks they address. However, that doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to think about the two of them together. 

Stay tuned to see how PMI will be a part of the CrossFit community by supporting Project Uplift this September!