If you have a customized vehicle, you need customized insurance.

Insurance companies use the VIN from your vehicle to help determine the value if you have an insurable loss.

But what about the hundreds or even thousands of dollars you spent customizing your vehicle?

Examples of customization can be roll bars, upgraded sound systems, additional lights, towing packages, after-market spoilers, decals and many other things.

If you want the changes you’ve made to be covered by your insurance, you need to tell your insurance company about the modifications you’ve made.

Most companies include a basic amount of modification coverage, such as $500 – which might be enough to cover a clear bra or tinted windows.

Many companies cap the the amount of customized coverage available for purchase at $5,000.

If you have more than $5,000 worth of customization, your insurance options become much more limited. We can help you figure out what they are.

We’re seeing more customization on conversion vans. People convert them to an RV by adding a kitchen, bathroom and sleeping quarters. Depending on the amount of customization, many insurance companies will insure these as a custom-build RV.

Thinking about customizing a vehicle? Or have one that’s already been customized? Give me a call at 303.922.1002 and I can help you explore your insurance options.