Chances are you’re insured against losses from a burglar physically breaking into your home or business. But what about losses from cyber attacks?

Cyber liability is the fastest growing category of claims in the commercial insurance sector, but very few commercial policies automatically include cyber-liability coverage. A single cyber attack can cost a small business anywhere between $6,000 and $100,000 and upward. Losses from cyber attacks can also be a threat to your personal data.

And it’s not just credit card breeches.

Web attacks are up 56 percent. Attacks on mobile devices are up 33 percent. Ransomware attacks on small to medium-sized businesses are up 12 percent.

We offer a variety of cyber-liability coverage, including protection against unauthorized intrusion into your computer systems, protection against breaches of personal information and identity recovery coverage to reduce the time and expense involved in recovering from identify theft.

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