Halloween means lots of “scary” things are out and about – all in good fun, of course. But don’t let gaps in your insurance coverage turn those scary things into a real-life nightmare.

Halloween creates an extra level of risk that can result in lawsuits.  For example, are you protected from a big loss if:

  • A trick-or-treater or parent trips on the uneven steps or icy patch leading to your house and breaks a tooth, hip or worse.
  • Your dog breaks free and bites a trick-or-treater.
  • You hit a trick-or-treater with your car as you drive through your neighborhood after work.

Kids Trick Or Treat. Halloween Fun For Children.

Any of these would be a terrible accident. Of course, if you cause injury to another, you likely feel awful and want the other person to be made whole.

If properly insured, you’re at least protected from sustaining a potentially costly financial loss on top of the emotional toll of such an accident.

Your homeowner’s insurance and car insurance should protect you in the case of an accident that doesn’t involve serious injuries.

But serious injuries, or even a fatality in the case of a car accident or injury on your property, can result in financial liability exceeding the limits of your insurance. An umbrella policy – a type of personal liability insurance that covers you in the event of an accident that exceeds the limits of your homeowner or auto policy – may be the answer.

And renters aren’t immune from liability resulting from accidents on the property they rent.  Renters insurance will normally include some level of personal liability that will protect you against personal liability claims.

Such accidents don’t just happen at Halloween, of course. The potential exists year-round. With the arrival of winter, there’s also the added potential for injuries due to someone slipping on ice on your property – a sidewalk, for example.

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