Errors and Omissions Insurance is about mistakes, real and alleged.

We all make mistakes, of course. But, for many professions, acceptable performance can be subject to differences of opinion. And that can lead to lawsuits.

If a client accuses you of doing unacceptable work, defending yourself in court can be expensive – even if you ultimately win your case.

That’s what Errors and Omissions Insurance is about. It is specialized liability protection that covers your legal expenses if a client takes you or your employees to court claiming you are guilty of negligence or inadequate work. Within the limits of your policy, it also may cover all or part of a judgement against you.

E&O insurance is an excellent fit for professionals who perform services that a client could claim were done improperly or inadequately. Or if they can claim you failed to do something you should have done.

Architects, engineers, realtors, consultants, contractors, marketers, and therapists are just some of the professionals who should consider E&O insurance.

General business insurance doesn’t protect you against lawsuit-related costs. You need E&O insurance for that.

E&O policies vary, reflecting risks and exposures specific to different types of business.

Does your business need E&O coverage? If so, what should it include? Give me a call at 303 452-6662 if you have questions about what protection you and your employees need. I can help you decide.