Hail damage is nothing new in Colorado. But there is one new wrinkle: Increasingly, Colorado insurance companies are imposing time limits for filing hail-damage claims.

The most common deadline is a year from when the damage occurred. But a few companies have a two-year time limit. And some companies have imposed much tighter deadlines, just a few months in some cases.

One problem for homeowners caused by these deadlines: Many homeowners don’t realize their homes have hail-caused roof damage until they put their houses up for sale, triggering inspections ordered by potential buyers. If the deadline for insurance coverage has passed, the homeowner may get stuck with paying for roof repair or replacement themselves.

Not sure where you stand? We can help. Give me a call and I can arrange for a free assessment so you’ll know exactly where you stand – and so you can act if you face a looming deadline for protecting your insurance coverage.

So, while Colorado’s hail season is still a few months away (it usually begins in April), the deadline for claiming damage from last year’s hailstorms may be looming on the horizon.

The filing deadlines are a recent phenomenon. So, don’t be caught napping. Give me a call now if you have questions about the status of your roof. You can reach us at (303) 452-6662.

Most insurance companies are also imposing deadlines for filing wind and hail damage claims. I’d be happy to review your current insurance policy and let you know what limitations you have on your policy.