Do you own — or planning to buy — a high-value home, one that’s worth at least $3 million?

Congratulations. And a word of caution.

There are special considerations and challenges when it comes to insuring a high-value home. We can help.

Most insurers provide home policies designed for Middle America. But they aren’t equipped to meet the needs of high-value homeowners.

We provide policies for Middle Americans, of course. But, unlike many insurers, we also provide specialized coverage for high-value homes.

High Value Home Insurance

In many cases, we provide an experienced Risk Consultant with specific expertise in evaluating high-value homes. Using advanced Masterpiece HomeScan technology, these experts scan walls and ceilings with infrared waves, looking for temperature variations as small as just one degree. Hot or cold spots point to problems hidden inside.

Our Wildfire Defense Services are complimentary for our high-value policyholders and especially beneficial in Colorado, where wildfires are plentiful. We can help clients prepare before wildfires start, warn them when fires come close and contract with certified wildfire fighters to help save policyholders’ high-value homes when they’re threatened. Our Wildfire Defense Services may be the reason many high-value homes are standing today.

Nine more reasons to choose our agency for high-value homes:

  • Fast Claim Service: We’ll contact you within 24 hours of your loss report, issue payment within 48 hours of settlement. Our emergency services are available 24/7.
  • Need More, Get More: With your extended replacement cost feature, we’ll extend your coverage beyond the policy limits if you need to rebuild or restore your home after a loss.
  • Take the Cash Instead: If you choose, we’ll give you cash, up to your policy limit, instead of requiring you to rebuild after a loss.
  • Bring It Up to Code: If you’re rebuilding after a loss, we’ll pay for you to bring the damaged areas of your home up to the current code.
  • Live In Comfort: We’ll help you find comparable temporary housing and pay the difference in expenses until you can go home again.
  • Replacement Value: We’ll insure your belongings for the amount it costs to replace them, without depreciation, up to your policy limit.
  • Complimentary Services:  Referrals to pre-qualified service providers. Proactively detect hidden moisture and fire hazards. Wildfire defense and hurricane damage assessment.
  • Don’t Get All Wet: We cover water backup from interior sewer and drains, up to your policy limit.
  • Premium Discounts: By combining your insurance, such as home and auto, or home and valuable articles, you may be eligible for considerable savings on your premium.

We can also offer umbrella liability coverage up to $100 million.

Contact us to discuss you insurance needs.

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