We’re able to offer many types of specialized insurance to meet the needs of clients with unique needs. Motel and Hotel insurance, including coverage for homeowners who rent out their homes as part of an Airbnb or VRBO arrangement, is an example.

Hotel/motel insurance can be complex and difficult to navigate on your own. For example hotel/motel operators need:

  • Property insurance. Well-maintained properties with experienced management can expect better insurance rates than properties that show evidence of poor maintenance or inexperienced management.
  • Insurance coverage for injuries or losses suffered by guests.
  • The same insurance coverages any employer needs for their employees.

In short, like many of the specialized insurance we offer, hotel/motel owners face unique hazards and navigating their insurance needs can be difficult. Many hotels and motels serve meals and have pools, fitness centers, gift shops and shuttle buses, each requiring coverage tailored to their operations.

Homeowners who offer their houses for short-term Airbnb or VRBO rental generally aren’t required to be insured as hotels but may have some specialized requirements.

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