Life_Insurance_ExamIf you’re in the market for a life insurance policy you will likely need to undergo a medical exam, which checks factors like blood pressure, BMI, and hemoglobin levels. Fortunately, food and proper nutrition can help you get the best possible rate, saving you money over time! Here are some practical tips and tricks to help you conquer the paramed life insurance exam. 

14 Days Before Exam

Don’t Be SAD 

Many Americans rely on the “SAD” way of eating, or “Standard American Diet.” This consists of processed and fried foods, red meat, candy, and packaged foods/beverages. When it comes to a healthy diet, the best thing we can do is eat real food. If you cannot pronounce an ingredient, do not eat it! Take time two weeks before your exam to read labels, avoid junk, and start eating wholesome foods like vegetables, quality protein, and some fruit. 

You Might Feel Worse Before You Feel Better

If you are someone who relies on a SAD diet and stops eating processed foods, you will most likely feel worse before you feel better. Know this is normal, and once your body detoxes you will be on your way to optimal health. Be sure to drink plenty of water and get lots of rest if you feel ill after removing processed foods. 

7 Days Before Exam 

Eat Your Greens!

Leafy green vegetables like spinach, broccoli, or brussels sprouts can help stabilize your blood pressure and give you the nutrients you need. Aim to get at least 4 servings a day of leafy greens. Incorporate healthy, organic when possible, proteins like wild-caught salmon, chicken breast, or nuts into your diet as well. 

Flush Your System 

You will need to flush your system. Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, around 8 glasses a day. I recommend carrying a water bottle as a 

Healthy Eating

reminder. You may enjoy adding lemon to your water to help flush out toxins. Alcohol is an unnecessary toxin while preparing for the exam. Cut down or eliminate your alcohol intake during this week.

Sweat It Out 

Daily exercise will help your blood pressure and reduce your BMI. Go for a run, do a home workout video, or even take a 10-minute walk around the block.

24 Hours Before Exam 

Skip It!

It’s almost time for your exam! The day before avoid caffeine and alcohol. If you’re a regular coffee drinker, note you might have a headache from avoiding caffeine. If so, you could benefit from weening yourself off of it several days prior to the exam.

While it might sound contradictory, skip the gym today. Too much exercise leading up to the exam could increase your blood pressure levels. 

Take Care of Yourself

Keep focusing on a real food diet, the more vegetables the better. Sleep is your friend! Go to bed early the night before the exam and do some deep breathing exercises to manage your stress levels. 


Georgia GreyWant to learn more about how to feel your best? Georgia P. Grey, founder of WBH Nutrition Co. is a certified Holistic Health Coach. Through her individualized coaching programs, she will equip you with a nutrition plan, accountability, and support based on your unique needs.