Need to buy insurance but don’t know who to call?

I recommend you consider using an independent insurance agent. Why? Let me give you five reasons:

Reason #1: Independent agents have options. An independent agent can check out multiple insurance companies and connect you with the one that best meets your needs, instead of having to point you to the offerings of the one insurance company they represent.

Reason #2: You’ll be able, if you choose, to use one phone number, one email, one contact for your insurance needs for the rest of your life. Since independent agents have options, we’re able to adjust your insurance as your life changes.

Reason #3: Insurance companies that sell through independent agents tend to have more stable rates. If you’re insured with a captive agent, you may experience huge rate swings. Those companies know they can raise rates aggressively because their agents will work hard to retain your business and not suggest you explore other options.

Reason #4: When you use an independent agent, we normally can help you with all your insurance needs because we work with many insurers that provide many types of insurance. Captive insurance agents generally only have products that fit “the average American household.”

Reason #5: It doesn’t cost you anything to talk with an independent agent – and use them if they can offer you better options, often while saving you money. Independent agents are paid by the insurance carriers, not the insured. In most cases, we can save you money.

You owe it to yourself to call our office (303.922.1002) and experience the difference. I’d love to answer any questions you may have and explore with you whether I can save you money while providing you better insurance.