It’s easy to understand why life insurance for the family’s main wage earner is important., but what about stay-at-home parents who don’t add an income to the family’s resources?

Stay-at-home parents contribute greatly to a family, including the family’s financial wellbeing. In fact, some experts say stay-at-home parents perform the duties of “workers” with at least 10 job titles and deserve earnings in excess of $100,000 a year in base pay plus hours of overtime.

Even though they don’t bring home money, the death of a stay-at-home parent means the income earner would either need to hire out many of the duties of the stay-at-home parent (child care, cooking, household management) or reduce their own workload, which normally would mean a reduction in pay.

In short, the death of a stay-at-home parent doesn’t just take an emotional toll. It also takes a financial toll on the family as the surviving parent struggles to find child care and replace all the other jobs the stay-at-home parent performed.

February is the month when we celebrate Valentine’s Day — an opportunity to let the special person in our lives know how much we love them.

One way to express that love, and acknowledge their importance to your family, is to buy life insurance for them. It says “I love you.” It also says “You’re important to our future.”

But for Valentine’s Day you may also want to consider flowers, candy, a nice card and / or a special night out as well.

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