Did you know you can insure the tools of your employees? When I first suggest this to many business owners, they often laugh and wonder why would they want to insure their employees tools?  The answer is quite simple.

For contractors and their employees, tool theft can be a problem — on the job or off.  If you’ve been a contractor for more than a year, I can almost guaranty that you’ve experience a theft of your tools.

As business owners, many contractors are insured against the loss of their own property or liability claims.

But contractors’ employees often use their own tools on the job. What happens if their tools are stolen? Could your employees afford to replace their tools and get back to work right away?

We can add employee tool coverage to your insurance for significantly less than your employees could find a stand alone policy. If your employees use their own tools while they’re working for you, it’s a good way to protect your business.

The cost to insure your employee tools is about $2 per $1,000 of coverage per year.  Think of it as an employee benefit. Think of it as business interruption coverage.  Just think about it and give us a call.

Give me a call at 303.922.1002if you want to discuss adding employee tool coverage to your business owner’s policy.