Lucas Richmond is the Medicare Specialist of Premier Mountain Insurance. Before joining the team at PMI, Lucas owned and operated an award-winning Farmers Insurance agency and additionally served as an Agency Business Consultant over his ten years with Farmers. Through his time at Farmers, Lucas and Mike often worked closely together, sharing ideas on operations, marketing, growth, and community connections.

One of the things that drew Lucas to a career in insurance was the ability to positively serve his community and his clients through the growth of his business, from projects like the Standout Student of the Month in Fort Collins program, which provided two $5000 scholarships each year while recognizing students throughout the Poudre School district each month. His agency also hosted a holiday fitness event called ‘Jingle all the Weights,’ which donated all of its proceeds to Realities for Children’s Santa’s Workshop program and was heavily involved in one of Colorado’s CrossFit competitions, ‘Project Uplift.’ At its peak, Project Uplift donated over $30,000 to ‘Kids at Heart,’ serving foster and adoptive families. The City of Fort Collins and Colorado State University recognized Lucas’s passion for his community and youth, presenting him with the Hometown Hero Award in 2016.

Even though Lucas was dedicated to many youth programs in his community, his personal medical history and close relationship with his aging parents helped forge a desire to help those facing their upcoming Medicare enrollment and the importance of selecting the right plan for a person’s individual needs as they reach their 65th birthday.

Lucas is a Fort Collins native and third-generation graduate of Colorado State University, earning his degree in Speech Communication with a Minor in Coaching. Lucas lives with his wife, Ann, and their four children in the foothills of Fort Collins. Lucas is also coaching Olympic-style diving through his club Norco Diving, which serves kids ages 8 to 18. Lucas and his family love swimming and diving all year round but really embrace summertime activities in and out of the water!

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