A storm damages a section of your roof while leaving most of it intact.

No problem, your insurance company will cover it. But the roofing company no longer manufactures the shingles you have in place. Your insurance company is required to repair the damage, but not to replace the entire roof since most of it’s undamaged.

Now what? No matter how good the repair that part of your roof won’t match the rest, leaving an ugly mismatch that will look and feel like a scar to your house.

The answer: Matching Coverage. Matching Coverage can protect the value of your home.

With Matching Coverage, the insurance company is required to replace the entire roof (up to coverage limits), if necessary, to leave you with a roof that matches over your entire house.

The same would apply if siding, paint colors or whatever else can’t be made to match the other parts of your house – often because the existing property is out of date and has been discontinued.*

Some states require insurance companies to replace undamaged property if that’s the only way to match any repairs to adjacent parts of your property. If your state has such a requirement, you’re already covered. If not, you may want to consider adding Matching Coverage to your policy.

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*see your specific policy coverage to see how matching coverage works for your policy.