Dr. Taylor Ferguson, guest columnist.

What is MedPay:

MedPay is shorthand for an additional insurance coverage known more explicitly as Medical Payments. This type of coverage is often associated with your auto insurance policy. While it is not required and is considered an additional supplement, it can save you a lot of money in the long run as well as help get you medical treatment following an accident without you having to pay out of pocket. MedPay is an unbiased coverage, meaning you can use your benefits regardless of who is at fault for the accident. This type of coverage also allows you to get the care you need, immediately, without deliberation from lawyers, doctors or health insurance companies. In the unfortunate event of a motor vehicle accident, you will be glad to have MedPay as a part of your auto insurance policy.

What does MedPay cover:

The important thing to note about MedPay is that it is coverage for YOUR medical payments. Note that in a Chiropractor adjusting a back through medpaytraditional auto insurance policy, the bodily injury liability portion of your coverage is typically applied to the medical bills of those who are “victims” of the accident. This portion of coverage does not typically cover the medical care of the individual who was at fault. MedPay does.

Additionally, MedPay is especially useful in more less severe motor vehicle accidents where the injuries are more soft tissue based as opposed to catastrophic collision. These injuries are typically felt a few days after the incident. They can take a long time to heal on their own and can be debilitating in the interim. In these incidents, you can use your MedPay to cover your own medical expenses for conservative care following an accident, again without deliberation from third party companies.

In my office after a motor vehicle accident I often see mild to moderate cases of whiplash. Whiplash is specific to the cervical spine and can also be described as a sprain of the ligaments within the cervical spine. I often like my motor vehicle accident patients to get an Xray exam to rule out anything more serious, such as a fracture. This is an example of a cost that you would have to pay out of pocket or that you could apply MedPay funds towards if you have Medical Pay coverage.

Following the Xray exam, patients will then do a lengthy physical exam in my office which typically costs $150 dollars. This is also an example of a cost that could be covered by MedPay. Care for a whiplash injury, as an example, typically results in 6-8 treatments following the initial exam. This would total close to $450 out of pocket at the low end of care. Ultimately your MedPay coverage would cover all of these potential out of pocket expenses all while helping you get back to living pain free, sooner.

Typically, MedPay covers up to $5,000 in medical care costs following an accident. Be sure to talk to your auto insurance agent to ensure you have adequate coverage for your risk level.

Who needs MedPay:

Individuals who own and operate a motor vehicle on a daily basis tend to be those who benefit from having MedPay as an additional coverage to their auto insurance policy. Accidents are typically accidents, but in a world full of distractions while driving, motor vehicle accidents are increasing rapidly. You never think it will happen to you, but it is better to be prepared when it does.

Others who typically benefit from Medical Pay coverage are those who operate on a tight monthly budget. Those who could not afford the health care they need out of pocket at the drop of a hat.

Lastly, those who are savvy with personal funds and like being able to make their money work for them often see the value in MedPay. If there is a coverage available that will keep money in your pocket, while still getting you the care you need in the event of an accident, it seems like a no brainer to most.

I myself absolutely have MedPay coverage!


Dr. Taylor first graduated from Elon University with BS degree in Exercise Science. During her time at Elon she worked with many teams during her internships, both as an athletic trainer and as a strength and conditioning coach. From there she went on to higher education at Logan University where she earned a master’s degree in Sport Science and Rehabilitation, as well as her Doctorate of Chiropractic Degree. 
Personally Dr. Taylor has played basketball, lacrosse, and tennis; as well as being an accomplished equestrian. Since her time in organized sports she has completed four full marathons and placed third in a novice body building competition. She currently maintains an active lifestyle of weightlifting, CrossFit, running, hiking, and snowboarding. 
Dr. Taylor focuses on treating the active population because she knows what being an athlete takes clinically and personally. She also truly believes that movement is medicine – both physically and mentally. It is her passion to help those around her reach their movement goals and feel their best!