At Premier Mountain Insurance, we often see competitor declaration pages that have minimal coverage.  The most basic policies we see offer liability, comprehensive and collision.  While this coverage would protect your RV or travel trailer, there are many other coverage that an avid RV owner would likely want.  At Premier Mountain Insurance we offer Motor Home Coverage, with more coverage options than a typical RV or Travel Trailer insurance policy. With higher limits of liability, diminishing deductible, vacation liability, optional total loss replacement for all new models, emergency breakdown coverage and “sign and drive” towing service, a Motor Home policy with our agency is a smarter choice when it comes to protecting your assets. Self-propelled motor vehicles used primarily for recreation, with built-in cooking and sleeping facilities may be eligible for this policy. This includes Classes A, B, and C van campers and RVs, as well as professionally-converted motor coaches.    

Each policy varies in coverages and limits. Speak with one of our team members to discuss your options for insuring your motor home. Don’t make the mistake of insuring your motor home under an auto policy. Our agency is here to help protect your property and your assets appropriately. You may even qualify for a discount on your policy if you currently have select personal lines policies through our agency. Call us today at 303.922.1002.