Good news for Colorado homeowners replacing their roofs: With our new roof discount, you can save big money on your home insurance.

And the more impact-resistant your new roof, the bigger the discount.

A typical new roof can get you a discount of up to 40 percent. A Class 3 and 4 Impact Resistant Roof (I can help you choose one) will get you an additional 10-15 percent discount.  Click here to see a list of common roof types that are Class 3 and 4 Impact Resistant.


Stone coated Steel and Concrete Tile roofs offer even greater discounts over asphalt roofs.

We offer discounts when insuring homes with new roofs because they’re less likely to sustain the kind of hail damage that will lead to another replacement during the coming year. And hail damage is the leading cause of major homeowner insurance claims in Colorado.

So, a new roof is one way to add value to your home and save money on your insurance.

Looking for help choosing the right new roof for your home? I can help. You can reach Premier Mountain Insurance at 303.922.1002.