Your car’s involved in an accident, and as long as you have collision coverage, the damage is likely covered by insurance. What about the parts used for the repairs?

Many vehicle owners insist on OEM (original equipment manufacturer) parts from the auto’s manufacturer for any replacement parts.

But in Colorado, insurance companies aren’t required to use OEM parts when fixing your vehicle following a covered loss. Instead, they’ll use aftermarket parts or even refurbished parts for the repairs.

Parts used in auto repairs are regulated, and must meet standards designed to ensure that the parts used for repairs are as good at OEM parts.  Unfortunately that doesn’t sit well with many consumers.

So, what are your options if you’re one of those vehicle owners who want OEM parts used for any repairs to your car?

The simplest solution is to add an OEM endorsement to your auto policy. That option is particularly appealing to owners of high-end vehicles like Audis, BMWs, Mercedes and the like. My experience is that OEM endorsements cost about $10 per month per car.

Even with an OEM, most companies do not extend OEM coverage to windshields.

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