Pete Schmisek is the Account Executive at our Ken Caryl office, specializing in high net worth households and one-on-one client education. Pete is known for his thoughtful and practical approach to client service, often going the extra mile to seek innovative solutions to meet his customers’ unique needs. Much of his approach can likely be attributed to the two quotes he keeps framed at his desk, which read “How you do anything is how you do everything” and “You can either do it right, or over again”. These values, in addition to his listening and communication skills, have established him as a valued member of our team and a trusted advisor in the insurance industry.

Before his foray into insurance, Pete excelled in event management, marketing, and consulting, having dropped out of college his second year in order to manage an events company full-time. Over a year later, newly implemented Covid-19 restrictions prompted a career reassessment, upon which he returned to Loyola University in Chicago, graduating with high honors in Organizational and Industrial Psychology and Studio Art shortly thereafter.

Beyond his professional life, Pete enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities, sharing time with his one-eared dog, drawing, sculpting. and listening to any book on tape he can find regarding functional medicine, the mind-body connection, and the influence of personal philosophy on life outcome.

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