Why do you need sewer and drain backup?

Sewer and drain backup is one of the most common home insurance claims we see.  Surprisingly, we often see no coverage for sewer and drain backup on competitor’s policies!  Sewer and drain backup coverage is not normally automatically included on a home insurance policy. It is even more rare to find sewer and drain backup on a renters or landlord policy.

What is sewer and drain backup coverage?

Sewer and drain backup coverage usually applies when water escapes, overflows or discharges from a sump pump or other similar system designed to remove water away from your home.  The coverage also includes water backup that originates through no fault of their own.  For example, if the main sewer line gets clogged up the block from your house.  Water backup might occur through a floor drain, sump pit or other drain in your home.

What sewer and drain coverage doesn’t cover:

There are a number of situations that sewer and drain backup doesn’t cover.  These are some of the most common water related claims that won’t be covered by this endorsement:

  • Seepage through walls.
  • Surface water entering your house through windows and doors.
  • Overflow of creeks, rivers, streams or other bodies of water.
  • Rain water entering your house through windows or doors

What to look for

Most companies offer sewer and drain back up coverage on home policies, but may cover very different things.  Keep an eye out for the wording of how your contents are covered.  You might see the term “Basic Contents” or “Specified Contents”.  If you see these terms on your sewer and drain backup coverage endorsement, ask more questions.  These terms often mean your coverage is limited to specific personal property normally found in a basement.  Such as freezers, hot water heaters, sump pumps and other very specific items.

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