As the winter months approach, snow mobile enthusiasts tend to get excited for their first ride.  Before you break out out the snowmobile and fire up the engine, don’t forget to double check that your insurance coverage is up – to – date.   At Premier Mountain Group we offer coverage for standard snowmobiles, high performance snowmobiles and mountain snowmobiles.  Snowmobile insurance is very similar to auto insurance, in that you have two primary types of coverage, liability (bodily injury and property damage) and physical damage (the actual snowmobile).

When it comes to the liability coverage on your snowmobile, you don’t want to skimp.  Liability limits should match the liability limits you carry on your and you definitely want to have the snowmobile scheduled on your personal umbrella policy.  Many people, incorrectly believe that your home insurance policy will cover your snowmobile.  There are my exclusions that are found on a common home owner policy which will render coverage inadequate in the event of a loss.  Many home policies will limit coverage off premises, while being towed and if the engine is ‘too’ large.  Don’t be caught without coverage!

“When I got my snowmobile out for the season, I figured I had enough coverage under my homeowner’s policy to take care of my sled. When we finally had the first snow, I had a little mishap with a lake that I thought was frozen and a tow-strap that wasn’t strong enough. Unfortunately, my homeowners policy didn’t cover that mishap, and I was stuck with a lot of charges, including replacing my sled. That taught me to wake up! And get a SPECIALIZED snowmobile insurance policy to make sure my sled is covered.” –

At Premier Mountain Group we’ve thought of just about everything when it comes to your sled.  Here are just a few coverages that you may not have considered:

  • Safety Apparel Coverage.  This provides up to $1,500 in coverage for damage to any clothing designed to minimize damage from an accident, including helmets and goggles.
  • Annual Policy: If there’s an unexpected snowfall, you don’t want to miss it.  No calls, no hassle with our annual policy you can insure your sled even in the “off-season”.  Policies start as low as $95 a year!
  • Optional Equipment Coverage.  We include $00 for optional equipment coverage, depending on your policy.  This covers and “extras” added to your ride, including towable trailers or sleds made for use with your snowmobile.
  • Medical Payments Coverage. Hopefully never needed, but always important with snowmobile insurance, this coverage pays for the necessary medical care you receive as a result of a snowmobile accident.
  • Trailer Coverage.  Provides coverage for a specifically designed trailer to transport your snowmobile (valued up to $7,500).
  • Liability Coverage.  This broad coverage is meant for accidents involving your snowmobile (the coverage is for third-party injuries and property damage)
  • Collision Coverage.  Regardless of who is at fault, this covers your snowmobile in the event of damage caused by collision with other vehicles and trees or utility poles.
  • Comprehensive (Other than collision coverage).  Provides coverage for out of the ordinary damages, such as fire, theft flood and vandalism.
  • Increased Limits. You can choose the limits that you want on your liability
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