Spring is almost here, which means summer is on its way — peak season for motor homes and travel trailers.

Time to make sure your motor home or travel trailer is ready for the road. And time to review your insurance to make sure it provides the coverage you need, with RV, travel trailer or motor home insurance.

Your motor home or travel trailer is treated as any other vehicle on the road if it’s involved in a traffic accident. But we also provide coverage that’s more like your homeowner insurance if you suffer a loss while living in it — temporarily or permanently.

The partial list of coverages appearing below illustrates what I mean. Here’s a summary of some of the coverage we offer for motor homes and travel trailers:

Motor Homes

  • Vacation Liability. Covers bodily injury or property damage from an accident at the site where the insured motor home is parked and being used for recreational purposes.
  • Towing and Roadside Assistance. Covers towing and labor performed at the place of the disablement. Toll-free telephone access 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  • Emergency Expenses. Provides temporary housing, travel expenses and costs to return the motor home to the insured’s home or storage place when a covered loss occurs more than 50 miles from home.
  • Full-Timer Liability. Personal liability coverage similar to a homeowner policy, for full-timers who park their motor home and use it as a residence. Includes medical payments to others and first-aid expenses.
  • Personal Property. Coverage for personal belongings damaged by a covered loss. Replacement-cost coverage is available as an option.
  • Total-Loss Settlement Cost. Provides a new motor home of like kind and quality from the same manufacturer in the event of a total loss during the first five model years. After that, this coverage provides up to the amount stated in the policy toward the purchase of a replacement motor home. A major plus, given the cost of these vehicles.
  • Medical Benefits. Provides medical benefits for certain accidental injuries sustained while the motor home is parked and being used as a dwelling or for recreational purposes.
  • Adjacent-Structures Coverage. Covers damage to nearby structures not attached to the motor home.
  • Pet Protection. Provides up to $1,000 for injuries to a dog or cat because of a covered loss while riding in your motor home or occupying a campsite.

Travel Trailers

Many of the items in the list of motor-home coverage also applies to travel trailers.

We also offer a diminishing deductible of 25 percent per year for each consecutive year a trailer is insured by us and there is not a paid loss other than for collision coverage. All policies include $500 for fire-department service and $1,000 for debris removal.

For trailers kept at a fixed location, options are available excluding collision, towing and roadside assistance and emergency-expense coverages.

We also offer a three-year prepaid policy for tent campers.

Camping in Colorado is one of the greatest benefits we have in living in this great state.  For a complete list of Colorado Parks and to reserve your camping spot, click here.

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