vacant building insuranceWhat comes to mind when I mention a vacant commercial building? A derelict, abandoned structure in a decaying urban neighborhood? A commercial building for sale. Or a building standing empty between tenants or while being remodeled.

Regardless of why it’s unoccupied, it’s often difficult to find insurance for a vacant commercial building. We can help.

We offer vacant-building insurance for commercial buildings up to $3 million in value, with a liability limit of up to $2 million. We also cover cosmetic renovations valued at up to $400,000. Replacement-cost insurance is available for buildings less than 25 years old. We also can cover automobiles on your property that you don’t own and medical payments for contractors working on renovations.

It’s important to keep your vacant commercial property insured because being vacant can make it a target for vandalism. And damage from sprinklers or broken pipes, which can cause major damage under any circumstances, can be especially destructive if it goes undetected for an extended period because the property is unoccupied. Construction accidents are also a concern during renovations.

Want to take sure you vacant commercial building is protected? Give me a call at 303.922.1002. We also insure vacant residential property — a rental property that stands empty between tenants or during major remodeling, for example.

If your commercial property is vacant because it’s on the market and you’re having trouble selling it.  I recommend Commercial Real Estate Agent, Nick Schill.