“Wrapping” your car with a promotional message can be a good way to advertise your business.

It can also affect your car insurance.

In many cases, personal auto insurance doesn’t cover business-related use of a vehicle — and that can include wrapping your vehicle with a business-related promotional message. One reason: If you wrap your vehicle with your company information, the likelihood of a lawsuit being filed after an accident is much higher.

So, you need to determine whether your auto insurance company is okay with you having a business use for your vehicle, including whether it’s wrapped.

Most of the time, if your vehicle is titled in the name of your business, it should be insured under a commercial policy. That may also be true if you use your car for business deliveries, Uber and other business-related uses. There are some exceptions for professionals such as realtors, CPAs, doctors and insurance agents. Even in these cases, you should notify your insurance company because you may need to list the business as an additional insured on your auto policy.

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