Mike Schmisek in his officeWhy Work With an Independent Insurance Agent

Many people have misconceptions of what it means to work with an independent insurance agent.  You may have asked yourself at some point, “why work with an independent insurance agent”?  Surveys show that many people think that when you work with an independent agent, it will cost more.  This couldn’t be further from the truth.  When you work with an independent insurance agency, you do not pay the agent a service fee and you are not charged anything additional.

How are Insurance Agents Compensated?

Insurance agents earn a commission from the policies they sell.  The commission is paid by the insurance company every time your insurance policy renews.  The commission is built into the price of the policy, it’s not a hidden fee that pops up later.  Very seldom are insurance agents employees of an insurance company.  Rather, they are often independent contractors who are paid to sell the products of the insurance carrier. Many insurance companies have both direct sales and sales through agents.  Most of these companies charge the same rate whether you buy directly from the company or through an agent.  So why wouldn’t you use an agent?

How do independent insurance agents save you money?

Independent insurance agents are not tied to a single insurance carrier.  Premier Mountain Insurance has contracts to sell with numerous insurance companies.  This means when ask us to quote your auto insurance, home insurance, business insurance or life insurance; we check the rates and coverage with a number of companies.  There are hundreds of insurance companies in the state of Colorado.  One company is never the cheapest insurance company every time.

Every insurance company has a different target market or segment that they wants to insure.  For some companies, this may be younger drivers, drivers without prior insurance, drivers who rent their home or drivers with lots of tickets or accidents.  Other companies are looking for people that own their home, people in a certain age group or even people with certain occupations.  If you’re not with the insurance company that wants your business, you’ll be paying a higher rate.  When you work with an independent insurance agency, we can find the company that best fits your needs.  This oftentimes saves you money!

Benefits of working with an independent insurance agent

  • You’re supporting the local economy.  There are over 38,000 independent insurance agencies in the U.S.  That’s more than double the amount of McDonald’s in the U.S.!  Independent insurance agencies employ your neighbors, family and friends.
  • When you work with an insurance agent, you’re getting a licensed professional who can give you advice your home, auto, business and life insurance.
  • Many independent insurance agencies are small businesses.  Most have 5 or fewer employees.  When you call our office, you’ll normally hear a familiar voice.  Do you need to talk to someone specific?  We’re available for you.  When you buy insurance from a 800 number or a website, who do you call when something goes wrong? Do you think you will ever speak the person who sold you your policy again?
  • Independent insurance agents work for you.  We get paid because you’re a client of ours.  We do everything we can to make it right for you.
  • When you work with an independent insurance agency, you know that you have a partner for life when it comes to your risk management and asset protection.  We will be with you for as long as you need us.
  • Independent insurance agencies donate to the local economy.  We love to support local schools, churches, food banks and many other non profits.

Still not convinced?  Call, text, chat or email today.  Let us quote your insurance and see what we can do FOR YOU!